Friday, August 24, 2007

Its Onam Once Again!!!

Happy Onam to all the malayalees out there. Ellavarkum nanma nirranja Onashamsakal!

I have been away from blogs and blogging for a long time now. Life has been kind of hectic of late. But all of a sudden my blog started getting an amazing number of hits from people searching for pookalam designs. So I thought I must post something on it. You can check out my previous Onam and pookalam post here & here.

Someone left a comment in my previous Onam post informing me about the online pookalam competition. Check it out at Gamez India. You can actually make pookalam designs online and submit it for the competition. Its fun though nothing can beat the getting the flowers and putting a real one for Onam, still a virtual pookalam is better than no pookalam at all. So all of you who can't have a real pookalam can now have fun with a virtual one. Enjoy!!!

I am posting the pic of one of the pookalams i created on the site. :)