Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sunset in the City

His rays are all gold,
And his beauties are best,
As painting the skies,
He sinks down in the West,
And foretells a bright rising again.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Wheel of Life

God says to me with kind of a smile,
"Hey how would you like to be God awhile
And steer the world?"
"Okay," says I, "I'll give it a try.
Where do I set?
How much do I get?
What time is lunch?
When can I quit?"
"Gimme back that wheel," says God,
"I don't think you're quite ready yet."
~Shel Silverstein

Thursday, April 20, 2006

I Have Been Tagged...

I have been tagged by Alexis…

5 people who top your shit list….. and why:

  1. Hypocrites.
  2. People who don't think twice before hurting others.
  3. People who don't mean what they say.
  4. People who keep cribbing about anything and everything in life.
  5. Bigoted and prejudiced people.

Close brushes with death/danger:

  1. An accident on the Delhi-Jaipur highway, but thankfully none of us was seriously hurt.
  2. Every time I travel by road in Kerala. :-)
  3. Every time I drive. :-)
  4. The time I tried to teach my Mom driving

5 Preferable modes of suicide, in descending order:

The only time I have thought about sucide seriously was when I was going through a particularly painful time in life, but never got as far as thinking about how I would do it. Now that I think about it I don't find any method preferable, but if I had to do it....

  1. Any method which will gaurantee that I will succeed in my attempt. Would not like to fail in this, that would be too much to bear.
  2. Drowning in the sea...I love the sea. :-)

5 Guilty pleasures:

  1. Chicken Biryani.
  2. Sleeping.
  3. Day dreaming.
  4. Can't put down any good book I am reading until I finish it.
  5. Choclates, Sweets and Ice Creams.

5 things you never want to forget:

  1. My childhood.
  2. My family.
  3. My first love.
  4. My friends.
  5. My school and college days.

5 things you wish to forget:

  1. My first love.
  2. My Grandmother's death.
  3. Bad times.
  4. Bad people.
  5. Painful memories. (Bad times is different from painful memories. Bad times are those which were real i.e. something which actually happened while memories may not always be real).

5 really exotic dishes you have tried:

Now this is difficult because everytime I eat out the only thing that I prefer to eat is Chicken Biryani. :-) So instead of exotic dishes I'll name the dishes I like...
  1. Chicken Biryani.
  2. Kappa and fish curry (not the fish, only the curry)
  3. Prawn curry.
  4. Everything that my grandmother used to cook.
  5. Aaloo parantha that my mom makes.

5 crushes/loves in your life… in chronological order

  1. Tarun Dhanrajgir (he acted in a serial called 'Trishna' which was an adaptation of Pride and Prejudice)
  2. Shah Rukh Khan
  3. Denzel Washington
  4. Vikram
  5. Abhishek Bachchan

Strangest dream you ever had:

The strangest dream that keeps recurring is that I am trying to drive and my legs don't reach the brake. Try as hard as I can, I just can't seem to reach it. The vechile keeps changing- most of the time its a car, but in my dreams I have even driven a truck. But thankfully, somehow neither me nor anybody else is ever hurt. So now, everytime I get into the car, the first thing I check is whether my leg is reaching the brake or not. :-)

5 most valued personal possessions:

  1. My books
  2. My computer
  3. My mobile phone
  4. My family album and collection of photographs
  5. My school autograph book.

5 favorite superheroes….. and why: (I am assuming superheros to be any fictional heros)

  1. Phantom: The ghost who walks, because he was the first superhero I came across.
  2. Spiderman: Don't really know why, maybe because he seems so vulnerable even though he is a superhero......but have liked him since childhood, when I used to see the Spiderman cartoon on TV every Sunday evening.
  3. Arnold Swarchenegger inTerminator 2: For being a machine that was much better than many humans.
  4. Howard Roark from The Fountainhead: For standing up for his ideals like a rock and being true to his values, his convictions, his beliefs and himself.
  5. Rhett Butler from Gone with the Wind: For being the dashing rebelious hero.
I am hereby declaring this an open tag. Anybody who visits this blog and who is willing to take up this tag, can do so.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Primary Colors

Of all God's gifts to the sighted man, color is holiest, the most divine, the most solemn.

The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love color the most.
~John Ruskin

P.S: This is the new decor of my room :)